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Honeycomb Magazine is a free publication focusing on arts and culture and great content. It is a part of Compass Creative Media LLC, which specializes in advertising and marketing in both print and digital realms. We were formerly in print and are now digital.

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Interested in advertising? Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We’ve got options to extend your message in print and digital. We want to help your business flourish with the marketing and advertising campaign that suits you best.

Why Honeycomb?

Our mission is to promote arts and culture in the coastal area with a focus on the local as well as “big ideas” that extend beyond the local – just like a bee ranges far afield to bring pollen home to the main hive. There will always be a need for people to hold something beautiful as well as meaningful in their hands, and Honeycomb Magazine provides the “honey.”

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Honeycomb Magazine
We’ve transcended the physical and gone remote! Contact us at admin@honeycombmagazine.com

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