Barrio Costero, REYLA and Laylow Raise Funds For Breast Cancer Research

Featured image courtesy of Cul+ure Collective

The trio of area restaurants known for unique and stylish dishes serves up a good cause in multiple ways, and you can join as well.

All together, Barrio Costero, REYLA and Laylow are known as the Cul+ure Collective, but are better defined in the words of the owner himself. “Cul+ure Collective was founded with the vision of enriching the lives of our guests,” Chris Viola, owner of Cul+ure Collective stated. “We strive on a daily basis to create remarkable experiences, lead with genuine hospitality, and impact our community. Our team defines hospitality as memorable moments that turn strangers into family.” 

If you’ve been out of the loop about their charitable efforts and only got the message now, that’s because they sold out of their event featuring five courses matched with cocktails (with ten percent going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.) Bummed with the miss? No need to worry, it’s not too late to give your support to a good cause and learn how to make the tastiest cocktails on the Jersey shore while you’re at it.

• Join Laylow’s virtual cocktail class on November 11, Wednesday, 7 pm where they’re raffling off a Limited Edition Clase Azul Reposado (1.75l).  

• Donate here and you’ll be entered for a chance to have an “at-home chef’s experience” that includes a multi-course dinner designed for you and up to six friends, served by the Chef himself! Winners to be announced at the November 4th dinner.

Photo courtesy of Cul+ure Collective

“As of today, our team has raised $2,347 from bottle raffle donations and at-home chef’s experience,” the Cul+ure Collective team stated. “What motivates us to raise funds for a cause like this is the ability to make a difference in someone’s lives. We believe that it is part of our daily mission to impact our surrounding communities and that means impacting them in a way that truly makes someone’s day different. We also don’t just ask for money to raise the funds. Instead, we find ways to get creative in driving awareness and donations by giving experiences in return like an exclusive bottle of tequila or an at-home dinner with your friends and family. Through good times and bad, we are always striving to give back to our communities and finding a way to touch someone’s heart.”

In case you missed it, these donations are headed for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.