Just Whip It — The “Whipped Coffee” Craze

You know you want to whip it, and whip it good.

Of all the things that the social video site TikTok has launched, I didn’t think it would be such a delightful novelty as whipped coffee, but nor did I think a pandemic would hit the pause button on the entire global community, our lives indefinitely on hiatus like sullen kids in time out. What could be better than the simple pleasures of coffee while we count the hours of our confinement alone, but together?

You can thank South Korea, a country whose innovations from Samsung to, well, whipped coffee, are delighting us all. As Insider notes, the trend may have originated in a different form in India, but it was on January 26 that what is also known as Dalgona Coffee was “born”, and as our isolation increased, so too did the desire for the simple magic of whipped coffee made with three easy ingredients accessible to anyone in the midst of a post apocalyptic landscape. Let’s face it — if you don’t have instant coffee, sugar, and water, and the ability to beat the living stuffing out of it, you’re going to have to reconsider your life plans.

South Korean Youtube user J’Adore has his methodology down to a science, 1 part instant coffee to 1 part sugar, and just a little less than 1 part water. Let the whipping begin! And voila, minutes later J’Adore reports your delightful fluffy buzz is ready when the mixture begins to “trail”.

Join the global community in this invigorating, if jiggly, trend. Vice reports that Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, and Vietnam are also whipping it, and whipping it good.

Featured photo by ‪Roman Bengaiev‬‏ from Pexels