A Star Lit Evening For The New Jersey Filmmakers Collaboration

by Nicole Gentile of Rough Edge Media
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On November 23, 2019, The Sound Garden School of Music in Freehold was the host of the NJ Filmmaker’s Collaboration.  Daniel Alphonse Boulos, founder of All Love Productions and New Jersey Filmmakers Collaboration, teamed up with 2AT Films and, Like Father Films to create this multifaceted event.  This collective affair included the talent and masterminds  from All Love Productions, Like Father Films, First Hour Productions, Moving Journals Media, Pleasantview Productions, and Permalink Pictures.

One of two screens set up to project images from various film projects throughout the evening. Photo courtesy Rough Edge Media/Nicole Gentile.

During the four hour event, the evening saw notable and award winning filmmakers, directors, editors, actors, videographers, photographers. Promos for the film, ‘Noon,’ were provided by Like Father Films founder, Paul Beniamin which was produced by and stars NJFC’s very own, Alphonse Boulos.  ‘The Five in Merseyside,’ written and directed by Trifon Dimitropoulos, had promos running throughout the night, as well.  A projector showcased a loop of short films presented by participating film and production companies, while music videos were being enjoyed in another studio. 

Promos for the film ‘Noon’ were provided by Paul Beniamin, produced by Daniel Alphonse Boulos. ‘The Five In Merseyside’ written as well as directed by Trifon Dimitropoulos. Photo courtesy Rough Edge Media/Nicole Gentile

Melanie Atallah shared an incredible Egylabel Collection, while David W. Schoner provided guests with copies of the official newsletter of the NJ Motion Picture & Television Commission.  With drinks provided by Charles Pomaro and delicious food donated by Mateo’s, industry professionals were able to mingle and connect with their shared interests and talents.  Get Crafty sponsored a handmade, wooden sign, containing logos from the New Jersey Filmmakers Collaboration, The Sound Garden, and All Love Productions, to the music school.  

Lauren Sheehy in company with David W. Schoner and others at the event. Courtesy Rough Edge Media/Nicole Gentile.

Many events took place throughout the evening.  Sirius XM’s Pop2K channel’s, Alex DiTrolio, hosted a panel q&a with Lauren Sheehy, executive director of the Garden State Film Festival, David W. Schoner, director of New Jersey Motion Picture and TV Commission, and Paul Beniamin, founder of Like Father Films and director of ‘Noon.’Guests were treated to performances by hilarious comedian, Fady Risk, the multitalented entertainer who opened up for Lupe Fiasco at Starland Ballroom, Alec Meza,  and Egyptian indie musician and visual artist, Zeyada.

Panel featuring industry professionals David W. Schoner, Lauren Sheehy, and Paul Beniamin in the panel hosted by Alex Di Trolio. Courtesy Rough Edge Media/Nicole Gentile.