Plastic, R.I.P.

We might spend a moment to mourn the humble little plastic straw, or, at least our forgotten sips of years past. All of the great reasons to phase out plastic from our lives – to steward the health of the ocean, to prevent needless pollution, to be kind to all living things – means we won’t mourn straws all that much …

For those of us who land on the side of “but where’s the straw?” when we imagine all the pursed lips and fingers of restaurant goers past smeared across the lip of our drinks, fear not. We can have everything: the darling of the day is the delightful ingenuity of the paper straw.

Flamingos? Rose gold? Rustic? Stripes or whimsical polka dots? Name it, and your seltzer just got more bubbly. Far more sustainable than our plastic addiction, take a sip to your health – and the health of the ocean.

1, purple flamingoes

2, pink hearts, pink stripes

3, rose gold, rose gold stripes

4, rustic